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DirectSubmit is born from the legendary NYCastings brand created in 2000, by founder Aaron Seals. NYCastings was created to help a new kind of creator get access to On-Camera Talent, easily and fast though seriously clever web apps. DirectSubmit is a new Rebranding of the 
platform to accommodate a Nationwide network of Freelance talent and Agencies NY - LA!


If you are a Talent Agency of any type, Management Company or Specialty Group, like: Circus Performers, Foreign Language Groups, Comedy Tropes, etc. and whant to house and build your Roster of talent with our suite of applications, please read below: 


Talent Reps can submit their talent to daily Casting Requests from Casting Directors, Production Companies, Ad Agencies, and Live Venues to Book Auditions AND work with our powerful suite of PR Services for your talent, getting them more Auditions and Visibility. We have 20 years of experience in this. 


if interested please send letter of interest NYCastings / DirectSubmit



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